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Womens Health

Because it takes a visit dedicated to the subject, Destino Bella recommends an annual check up for physical and mental health well being for all women at all ages. 

At a Women's Health Visit you can expect:

  • Screening for female related cancers:

    • cervical cancer (Pap smear if indicated)

    •  breast cancer (self breast exams & body awareness, familial risk, Mammogram orders if indicated)

  • Screening/testing/treatment for common gynecological and sexually transmitted infections 

  • Contraceptive counseling & contraception prescription oral, by injection and hormonal implant (Nexplanon certified provider). Emergency contraceptive counseling and Plan B prescription. 

  • Diagnosis of pregnancy and referrals for prenatal care

  • Screening for mental health & wellness 

  • Discussion pelvic related concerns

  • Discussion or urinary or sexually related issues

  • Discussion skin concerns related to the pelvic area w/ removal, biopsy or related treatment. 

Check out the WPSI for more information about what to expect at a womens preventative exam in both english and Espanol:

Womens Preventative Health Services Initiative 

Women's Health: About Us

What we focus on

Hormone Imbalance

Pelvic Exam

Pap Smear


Women's Health: List
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