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Medicinal Cannabis 
Consultation & Certification

Providing New Mexico Residents certification and guidance for New Mexico Department of Health Medicinal Cannabis Program ( NM MCP)

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When a diagnosis changes your life, learn to live with it

Navigating the works of chronic illness/disease can be frustrating and challenging. If you suffer from one of the 28 approved conditions approved for medicinal use by the state of New Mexico, we can help.

Medical Cannabis: Services

Whether you are looking to establish or refine your medicinal cannabis regimen, at your medicinal cannabis visit, providers will review your medical/surgical history, current medications will be reviewed for possible interactions or precautions to take.

Cannabis self medication regimen recommendations for your endocannabanoid system based on your condition, current medical treatment and symptoms specifically to target (ex pain, anxiety, insomnia). *Follow ups based on patient needs 

Medical Cannabis: Text

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New Mexico Department of Health

Prescription Medication

10 prescription drugs that don’t mix well with marijuana

Doctor High Five

Is marijuana safe and effective as medicine?

Medical Cannabis: News & Updates
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